HS Freshman Selected for First-Ever NetSec Focus Project of the Month Winner

As announced (not as a joke) on April 1st:

Introducing the Project of the Month Did you create something good? Achieve something? Find a vulnerability? Bag an internship? Tie your own shoelaces? Not wet the bed? Are you receiving the appropriate amount of recognition for your accomplishment or just want to show off? Project of the Month could be right up your strasse. On the 8th of April submissions for project of the month will open. Now is the time to brag about what you’ve done. Don’t be shy, success beg$ Submissions will close on the 22nd and voting begin ready for an announcement of the Project of the Month on the 30th April. There may be prizes but they will need to be tailored to the project $ All projects will be showcased; the winner and runners up will receive glory in abundance. Start thinking about what you want to want to show off, for this first month we will consider projects $ Further information will be released soon. If you have any immediate questions you can reply to my link to this message in ~General here https://mm.netsecfocus.com/nsf/pl/ipyxk5opkibkugwxxndzg8o$ </blockquote>

After 55 votes, the results were in… thanks to everyone who voted for CVE-2018-7213!